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LED Hi-Bay Lights

Energy Saved is equivalent to energy produced. So we are pioneering proven high quality LED lighting systems for illuminating larger areas.

We have 75W (IBLED75W) and 150W (IBLED150W) LED fixtures with variable tilting angle concept to cover wider area or to focus on a particular area.


Product Description

  • IBLED75W / IBLED150W
  • 230V AC SYSTEM
  • For Industrial, Ports & Warehouses

Case Study:

We have replaced 54nos X 400W Mercury Bay lamps in 47000 SFT warehouse by 32nos X 150W ILED150W. This resulted in saving of 16.8KW per hour. The resulted savings per year when the lights are used 12 hours a day is 73,584KW per year. The amount of saving would be about $10,000 per year.

“Save Energy, Reduce Consumption”. We strongly believe that an establishment’s CSR Starts from within and extends outward.

The LED lightings are energy-efficient, cost-saving and environmentally-friendly.



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