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• 7800mAh Li-Ion battery
• 27W Rated Power Storage & Discharge
• 3 X 1W Led Lamps for 8 hours glow
• Gradual output shut off algorithm to enable most – critical lamps to glow for longer hours.
• Digital Switch for Load ports
• 2 Mobile Charging USB Ports each 1.5A capacity
• MPPT Charging Technology
• Easy to operate and handy
• Dual Source – Solar & Grid
• 8 hours Solar Charging Time using 8W solar panel
• 2 hours Grid Charging using 16.5V 1.5A Adaptor
• Express charging using solar panels up to 40W
Li-ion batteries with advanced MPPT based charging algorithms makes the product MORE EFFICIENT, mobile and Solar enabled to carry along with you wherever you go.
The Kit includes:
• 3 X 1W LED lamps with each 5 meter wire
• 8W Solar Panel with 5 meter wire
• 5 meter extender cable
• 16.5V 1.5A AC Adaptor
• Mobile phone multi-pin connector
Three output ports are designed with digital switch and individual load control algorithm for gradual switch off of each port one by one to enhance the Port3 connected Load duration.


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