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SHL36 – Solar Home Lighting “Jumbo”

3 x 1W LED LAMPS + 2 USB PORTS with 10w Solar Panel

The complete multi-function, modular and mobile SHL36 is Jumbo among the Solar Home Lighting products with backup hours:

8Hrs with 3 x 1W Lamps or

12Hrs with 2 x 1W Lamps or

24Hrs with 1 x 1W Lamp

Energy Saving Algorithm for Extended Backup Hours:

Gradual output port shutdown enables switching off of every port gradually to enable most critical lamp to last longer hours when the battery backup reaches about 8%.


Two lamps are fitted with 5 meters cable each and one lamp is fitted with 8 meter cable to cover larger area of home indoor and outdoor. The lamps are water proof with Ingress Protection Rating – IP 62 as per IEC 60529.


The system comes with 2 USB A type ports with 5.1v 2.1A output capacity. The product includes 10W solar panel with 5 meter cable and a multi-link USB cable.

Salient Features:

  • MPPT charging technology
  • 10W Solar Panel with 5 meter cable
  • Dual Charging: Solar Panel and/or AC Adapter charging
  • Li-ion battery bank for quick charging
  • Hi-Power LEDs for more brightness. 110 lumens per watt.
  • Longer Lasting LEDs. Lifetime >40,000 hours
  • IP 62 rated lamps for outdoor use
  • 2 USB ports. 5.1v 2.1A output. Faster mobile charging.
  • Deep Discharge, Short circuit and overload protection.

Gradual Port Shut off. Longer hours for critical lamp.


The SHL36 comes with:

  1. 2 X 1W LED lights with 5 meters cable and 1 x 1W LED light with 8 meters cable
  2. 10W Solar Panel with 5 meters cable
  3. USB Multi-line charging cable
  4. Controller unit
  5. User manual



Product Description

Model SHL36
Charging Type Maximum power point tracking (MPPT),maintains CC-CV for charging
Input terminal Dual Source: Solar Input & AC Adaptor Input 2.1mm dia sockets
Load terminal 3 PORTS for LED lamps and 2 nos Mobile Charging ports
Gradual Port Shutdown Algorithm Port1 shuts at 8% of the battery power;
Port2 shuts at 5% of the battery power;
Port3 shuts at <2% of the battery power.
System On/Off Manual Switch
Battery Type Lithium –ion
Battery Voltage 7.4V
Battery Capacity 4400mAh
Max Charge Current 1500mA
Max. Discharging Current 2800mA
Max. Battery voltage 8.4±0.05V
Load Disconnect Voltage 6.2±0.05V
Backup Hours (excluding charging via USB ports) At fully charged condition,
8Hrs with 3 x 1W Lamps or
12Hrs with 2 x 1W Lamps or
24Hrs with 1 x 1W Lamp
(Mobile phone charging will drastically change the above timings)
Panel Power 10W SPV with 5 meters cable
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 24.2V (subject to change)
Voltage at max. power (Vmp) 19.6V (subject to change)
Current at max power (Imp) 510mA (subject to change)
Short Circuit current (Isc) 610mA (subject to change)
USB Ports 2 NOS; USB Type A
Max output Voltage 5.1V±0.1V
Max Current 2100mA
Operation Voltage 5-15V
Output 1W, 110 Lumens
Light Color Cool White (6,500K)
Ambient Temperature 0°C to +50°C while charging; -20°C to +50°C while discharging
Efficiency >95% peak
Connector Cables with 2.1mm DC jack 5 meters cable for 2 lamps and 8 meters cable for 1 lamp
Type of Protection IP62
Dimension (L X W X H) 330x105x420mm
Weight 3.750Kg
Liabilities Exclusion: The information mentioned is subject to change without notice.


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