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Solar Table Fan – STF27W

STF27W is 7800mAh Li-ion battery based Solar Table Fan which charges rapidly from Solar or Grid power.
When lead acid battery fans takes 10 hours for full charge, the STF27W can be charged in 3 hours with 20W solar panel and 2 hours with AC adaptor.

When the 20W solar panel connected, the fan can run for 8 hours in the day time and about 3 hours in the night time.

The Kit includes:

• 20W Solar Panel with 5 meter wire
• 16.5V 1.5A AC Adaptor

It comes with outstanding features such as:

• Maximum PowerPoint Tracking technology (MPPT), which increases the efficiency of the system.
• Battery low indication in red
• Battery charging indication in green with pulse glow and charged indication in constant green glow
• Auto slow down when battery level goes down
• Complete Electronic protection
• Protection from over charge and deep discharge


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